Breakthrough GRO

Our Innovative Culture of Professional Growth and Development

Schools thrive when teachers and staff do. At Breakthrough, we make major investments in our people’s growth and development. We recognize the work of education is people work and strive for all of us to be happy, healthy, and here for the long haul.

Our Breakthrough GRO Program (Growth, Recognition, & Opportunities) offers professional development, performance-based compensation and career pathways to all employees across all our schools.

Specifically for educators, our Breakthrough GRO Program supports instructional development and leadership  through every career stage. Learn what rigorous, invested coaching, mentorship, and collaboration can do for your career in our network.

Breakthrough GRO

“Being a teacher as well as a coach has really helped me become more aware of myself as a teacher, and has made me more reflective on my own practices.”

Kimberly Slany, E Prep & Village Prep


We actively support our teachers’ growth and share progress transparently.

Teacher coaches, frequent support-based observations, and iterative feedback provide our teachers with day to day support and a vision for long-term success.


We reward our teachers for great practice and great results.

Performance based pay at both an individual and collective level creates opportunities for raises and bonuses for educators.


We help our educators expand their impact, in and beyond their classrooms.

We offer our educators opportunities to strengthen their skill sets through our master teacher and instructional leadership career pathways.

"It is a special environment that challenges you and helps you grow and develop as a leader yet it occurs in a caring, fun, and accepting environment. I look forward to coming to school every day every day."

- Shawn Hallowell, Senior Cluster Director, Educator, and High School Coordinator, The Intergenerational School

"I know I am a part of a network that is making a difference in Cleveland. Breakthrough Schools put students first and provide the resources students need to receive a high-quality education. "

− Kristine Donelon, 5th Grade Literacy Teacher, Citizens Academy

"We believe each scholar is going to go to college and we do whatever it takes to help best prepare them. "

− Amanda Paul, Kindergarten Teacher, Grade Level Chair, and Resident Educator Mentor, Village Prep Cliffs

"The best part about working at my school is being part of a team that truly cares so much about the students. Every person here goes above and beyond the call of duty, not only to make sure our students are challenged, but also to make sure that students are being taken care of physically and emotionally."

− Kaylan Lemon, 1st Grade Teacher, Citizens Academy East

We support our people’s growth & professional development as a network.

In addition to school based supports, we work collaboratively to ensure our educators get individualized, tailored support & coaching at a network level. These opportunities include our BILD (leadership development) and RISE (cultural competency) programs.

Meet four of our graduates

We’re on our way to serving 6,000+ students across 19 schools. Over the next 5 years, we will hire more than 100 founding teachers as we open new schools throughout Cleveland. Our teachers are the foundation of our network, our inspirers, and our future leaders.

Are You Ready For This?

We’re growing, we’re hiring, and we need the best teachers for our students. Is that you? If so, let’s get started. We have a poster hanging on our wall, and we believe it: “This is your world. Shape it or someone else will.” Let’s do this, together.