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Look closely, and you’ll see that today’s schools were built for yesterday’s world. Most schools use an Industrial Age model mismatched for the Information Age’s demands. The Mastery School of Hawken is fundamentally different. It is designed to deepen and stretch high school students so that they’re ready not only to navigate uncharted spaces but to lead, serve, and thrive in them.

Using real-world problem solving, mentorship, and mastery-based feedback, The Mastery School of Hawken offers students remarkable opportunities for individual growth and meaningful contributions to the communities inside and outside the school doors.

At the Mastery School of Hawken, students and teachers build a community that welcomes and respects all. Each student brings a unique perspective and set of experiences that adds to our collective home. To create that kind of dynamic, energized, and welcoming school community, we practice a deep commitment to the principles of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice.

Our location between University Circle and the Glenville neighborhood means that students are a short ride from downtown Cleveland and a short walk to arts organizations, universities, and a few hundred non-profit organizations. At the Mastery School, students spend their days at the intersection of cultural treasures and community activists; artists and entrepreneurs; heart surgeons and the heart of our rich and rising city.

The Mastery School’s programs allow students to personalize their journeys while also digging deep into ideas, skills, and knowledge. All of it — every single piece of it — has student growth at the center.

The Mastery School is excited to engage and support you through your admission journey. We have plenty of opportunities for us to get to know each other and offer both in-person, hybrid and virtual admission programming options for your convenience. We are eager to connect with you!

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School Focus

School for the Real World

High School Enrollment

35 Incoming Freshman

Average Classroom Size

13 Students


Scholarships and Financial Aid are available.


The M in our logo comes directly from the pen of our founder, James Hawken.

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11025 Magnolia Dr
Cleveland OH 44106

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(440) 423-8801

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