We hope you checked out most if not all of the high schools on this site.  If you want to go back again and see more of them, just click here. Remember that you must select at least 3 high schools, but no more than 5 for this assignment. This assignment is due by Friday, October 8!

Your selections will be shared with your Breakthrough High School Placement Coordinator.  They will work with you throughout this year to help you make the very best choice! Your name and mailing address may also be shared with the high school, so they can mail you additional information about their school.  No other information about you will be shared during this process.

Once you are done reviewing high schools, please use the following links to complete your assignment:

From there, you’ll still be able to come back to this website if you want, until Friday, Oct. 8th.

Lastly, soon after the assignment is completed, this site will be made available again to you again, as a resource you can use throughout the year!

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