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Where big dreams start young.

Welcome to Breakthrough Schools -- we're a new kind of nonprofit public school network pioneered in Cleveland. We have seven 100% tuition-free campuses throughout the city with distinct culture & curriculum led by top educators and dedicated staff. 3,250 students and families already attend our schools, and we have expanded to make room for at least 300 more!

Important Dates: Sat 7/14 Enrollment Session | Weds 7/25 Enrollment Session | Sat 8/4 CMSD Back to School Fair | Aug 13 First Day of School

Breakthrough ranked #1 in Ohio by Stanford University 2017 study

Upcoming Events

Our first Enrollment Night (Q&A + Sign Up) on Thursday, February 6th at 5pm! Come to see the school, visit a classroom, meet staff, and ask any enrollment questions.

See Learning In Action

Come see our schools in action! Sign up for a personal tour at any of our campuses and see what makes our schools different.

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Want more information about our schools? We will contact you directly by phone, text, or email - your choice!

About Our Schools

We started in Cleveland and are committed to Cleveland. Our schools are located in Glenville, Hough / University Circle, Union Miles, St Clair-Superior / Asiatown, Lee Harvard, Union Miles, and Cudell. Just last year, our students and teachers ranked #11 nationally in reading, #16 nationally in math, and #1 overall in Ohio (Stanford University CREDO Study 2017).

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Our Campuses


Citizens Academy

Grades Enrolling: K-5
10118 Hampden Ave
in Glenville


Citizens Leadership Academy

Grades Enrolling: 6-8
9711 Lamont Ave
in Hough / University Circle


Citizens East Campus

Grades Enrolling: K-5 & 6-7
Citizens Academy Elementary &
Citizens Leadership Middle School
12523 Woodside Ave
in Glenville


Citizens Academy Southeast

Grades Enrolling: K-5
17900 Harvard Ave
in Lee Harvard


E Prep & Village Prep Cliffs

Grades Enrolling: K-8
1417 East 36th Street
in St Clair - Superior / Asiatown


E Prep & Village Prep Woodland Hills

Grades Enrolling: K-8
9201 Crane Ave
in Union Miles


E Prep & Village Prep Willard

Grades Enrolling: K-3, 5-7
2220 West 95th St
in Union Miles

Interested in learning more?

We are free, public, and open to all students. You can schedule a tour at any of our schools or attend one of our upcoming Enrollment Family Nights or Brunches.

Our #BigDreamsStartYoung Portrait Project

Our middle school students used mixed-media including acrylics, water color pencil, and pencil on paper to create portraits of past or current role models they look up to, and also self-portraits of how they see themselves in the future.


Meet our graduates

Creative Filmmakers followed four of our students (now alumni!) for ten years. Watch this short video to see where they are now. #ClassOf2017

What can you expect in our schools?

While each of our schools has a distinct culture and curriculum, you can expect certain things to be true at every campus:

  • We believe in our students' potential and we work with them, and you, to achieve -- and exceed! -- their goals
  • We have high expectations for everyone: students, teachers, leaders, families, board members, and everyone else in our schools
  • We offer a citywide community of support to our scholars and our families, during school and after graduation

Principal Ricardo Franklin Sr, founding school leader at Citizens Leadership Academy East.

We're proud of our students' hard work & results.

Breakthrough Schools Ohio Department of Education Test Results for Cleveland and "Big 8" in Ohio
willard scholar


We'd love to have you in our schools. If you have any questions at all, give us a call at (216) 367-5720. We look forward to hearing from you!

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