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About Benedictine High School

Benedictine High School was established in 1927 by the Benedictine Monks of Cleveland. Our role as an educational community is to model, educate and challenge each student to become a part of the tradition and spirit of St. Benedict. Benedictine is a community made up of enthusiastic young men who strive academically, spiritually and physically to become Men of Benedictine. Benedictine High School offers an exciting experience of growth and development for young men from around Northeast Ohio.

School Type

All male, Catholic, College Prep. High School

School Focus

BHS forms young men into champions across multiple facets of life: academic,
athletic, social, and religious.

High School Enrollment

300 Students

Average Classroom Size

18:1 Student to teacher ratio


Merit Scholarship, State Scholarship, and Financial Assistance are all available


• 13 State Championships
• 97% of families receive tuition assistance
• 21 College Plus, Advanced Placement, and Honors classes.
• Ben-X
• 30 + clubs
• 11 varsity sports
• Transportation & Activities Van
• Class of 2027: 92 students - 45 Grade Schools - 5 counties

Contact Info

School Address:
2900 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
Cleveland OH 44104

School Phone:
(216) 421-2080 ext. 356

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8th Grade Admissions Checklist

Leader of Men