to the 2020 High School Fair!

(It's all about you!)


Congratulations, Breakthrough Scholar!

8th grade goes by so quickly, and now is the time to start planning for High School. You know that a great education is the foundation for Success in Life. And you also know that you are unique and special. Nobody else is exactly like you, right? So when you graduate from Breakthrough it's important to go to the very best high school for you.

Thankfully, in Cleveland you have a choice. There are a lot of great high schools that you can attend. And, like you, each one is unique and special. Your goal is to find the one that best suits you, and it all starts here.

Helping you along the way are your High School Placement counselors. To the right, click on the photo of your High School Placement Coordinator to learn more about them. They, along with your parents and guardians can help you make the best choice!

When you are done, click below to enter the Fair. Have fun!