An Unbeatable ROI

"What do I like best about working at Breakthrough? The people. From the parents and students to my wonderful co-workers. We are all here for the same reason: to bring free, high quality education to the children of Cleveland and surrounding areas. "

− Stephanie McDonnell, Operations Manager

"Breakthrough Schools offers the opportunity to work with some of the most dynamic, driven, and committed educators and support staff in the state."

− Cory Hylton, Operations Manager at E Prep Cliffs Campus

Make A Difference

We are looking for talented, hard-working, mission-driven, motivated colleagues to join our Support Team, both at the school-level and network-level. We can’t pay what big businesses can, and we work crazy hard. But we’re here because our bottom-line is that thousands of students in Cleveland get a real opportunity to make their dreams come true. Interested?

School-Based Support

We rely on our School-Based Support Teams to provide valuable and essential support to ensure the smooth operation of our schools so that our instructional staff are able to maximize student learning and achievement.

Network-Wide Support

Our Network Support Team provides strategic and administrative support in Accounting and Finance, Communications & Marketing, Compliance, Facilities, Human Capital, Information Technology and Student Recruitment & Enrollment.

Meet Your Future Colleagues


Chandra Johnson

3rd Grade Title Teacher, Citizens Academy & CUTR Graduate

I think that every teacher loves what they do, I know I do. The icing on the cake is having the ability to do it at a school that is full of teachers where it shows. Every person in this building cares about our students and that is sets CA and Breakthrough apart.

Cory Hylton

Cory Hylton

Operations Manager, E Prep Cliffs Campus

My belief is that both students and teachers are looking for and deserve an educational program that is tailored to support their needs by leveraging their strengths and providing opportunities to continually improve their performance. Breakthrough provides that chance.

This Is Why We’re Here:

When we started our network of schools, we knew our diversity was our foundation. We promised ourselves that we would maintain the distinctiveness of our founding schools as we grew. Built on that promise, we offer distinct educational approaches to our students and teachers. Meet two of our students:

Are You Ready For This?

We’re growing, we’re hiring, and we need the best teachers for our students. Is that you? If so, let’s get started. We have a poster hanging on our wall, and we believe it: “This is your world. Shape it or someone else will.” Let’s do this, together.