Clever Badges

Clever Badges are an easy way for your student to log into their Chromebook by scanning a Badge into a device's webcam rather than needing to enter a username and password. Breakthrough has enabled Clever Badge login for all Kindergarten students. Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. You will receive an email from Breakthrough containing a file with your student’s clever badge. Download this file and print the Clever Badge or take a screenshot on any smartphone.
  2. When you first open your student’s Chromebook, you will see the screen depicted in the image below. Click the blue NEXT button.
  3. Once you select the "NEXT" button, the badge screen will appear:
  4. Hold your printed or screenshot Clever badge up to the Chromebook camera. Once the green check appears on the screen, your student will automatically be signed in.

If you have any trouble logging in please reach out to your scholar’s school or visit for answers to frequently asked questions.

Still need help? Contact our Breakthrough Call Center at (216) 539-2100.