Check Your Home Tech

Breakthrough teachers will be rolling out distance learning in early April!  Is your scholar ready?

If your scholar attends a Breakthrough VILS school (EPC or EPWH) read this article instead.  All others, read on!

Please check your home technology in advance to see if your student can use your home Internet and your personal devices. You need to check only 3 things:

  • Screen size. Breakthrough distance learning will NOT work on a  device as small as a smartphone. The smallest screen size we recommend is an iPad or tablet.
  • Reliable Internet. Your student's device needs an Internet connection good enough to allow viewing of short educational videos, and perhaps Google Meet videoconferencing.
  • Chrome browser. To check the Chrome browser on your student's device, visit If the web browser is “Chrome 76” or a higher number, your device is ready for distance learning!


If you do not have a suitable device for your student's use, please call your student's school to make arrangements to borrow a Breakthrough Chromebook.  Note that we can only lend out Chromebooks to that school's registered students.


If you do not have Internet access to your home that your student can use, please sit tight for the moment. When your student's teacher calls, make sure he or she knows that Internet access is a problem for your household, and a Breakthrough staffer will contact you to explore your options.