Breakthrough Leadership Development

The Breakthrough Leadership Development department strives to empower educators with the skills and knowledge needed to prepare them for the next step in their leadership journey.


We offer two Fellowship Programs

Aspiring Dean Fellowship

Are you a current teacher ready to take the next step in your career? Join this Fellowship to equip and prepare yourself for future leadership roles at the Dean level.

Aspiring Principal Fellowship

Are you a current school or network leader who wants to serve as a Principal? Join this Fellowship to build the skills necessary to increase your impact as Principal.

Our Vision & Values

The Fellowships were created to provide our team members with a supported path to the leadership within our network. We believe in the importance of highly effective school leaders and are committed to developing our talent to fill these coveted roles. Our approach focuses on discrete skill and competency readiness, ensuring each Fellow feels supported on their path.


Research-Backed Effectiveness

According to the Wallace Report and RAND's 2021 findings on leadership pipeline programs, Fellowships like ours have shown remarkable effectiveness in preparing educational leaders for success. These studies highlight:

  • The positive impact of structured leadership development programs on the quality of school leadership.
  • The importance of comprehensive training in equipping leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge for transformative leadership.
  • The significant influence of leadership programs on improving student outcomes and overall school success.

Successful Fellows Embody:

A drive to improve
and a discomfort with mediocrity.

A willingness to embrace being a novice temporarily while striving for excellence.

Fellowship Overview

We cultivate leadership capacity in four dimensions:


Understanding oneself and cultivating cultural responsiveness and anti-racism commitment.


Developing strong instructional techniques and classroom management skills.


Empowering leaders to drive meaningful outcomes in teachers and students.


Equipping leaders to manage time effectively, build leadership teams, and implement results-driven systems.

Fellowship Overview

Join us to become a transformational leader, create equitable and excellent schools, and maximize learning and belonging. Apply now to unlock your leadership potential!

Leadership Spotlight

Meet Ron Brownrigg

Ron Brownrigg founded Village Prep Woodland Hills in 2012 as a Dean of Culture.  After 10 years of excelling in his role, Ron decided to take the next step and join the Aspiring Principal Fellowship.  With the encouragement of his very own Principal, Ron dove deep into the work of learning the skills and competencies needed to lead an entire building of scholars and adults towards transformational outcomes.  And after 1 year in the Fellowship, he was ready.  As it turns out, his Principal was promoted to a network role and his hard work had paid off.  He landed his dream job to be the Principal of the school he had founded 11 years prior.  Ron is a testament to servant leadership and a commitment to his own growth and development.

“As an educator, I believe continuous professional development enhances ideas and strengthens practices. The classes I have completed in the aspiring principal program have helped to equip me with tools and a better understanding of what it’s like being a principal at BPS.”  Ron Brownrigg