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The tuition-free, non-profit public charter schools that Friends of Breakthrough supports are recognized nationally as the best charter schools in Cleveland. These public charter schools have high expectations for everyone – children and adults – and believe in every student, make sure every child receives a high-quality education, and prepare students for success in college and in life.


The mission of Breakthrough Schools is to develop a growing network of distinctive school options that prepare Cleveland area students for success in life. Breakthrough has been recognized as the top-performing network performing schools in Cleveland, honored by local, state, and national organizations for excellence in teaching, leadership, and student achievement. 

What Makes Breakthrough Different?

What makes Breakthrough unique? Students thrive in different settings, and that teachers thrive in different settings. Because of this, Breakthrough's schools offer distinct educational approaches to students, families, teachers, and community members. Each school is part of one of these exciting, proven, effective school models.



Citizens Leadership



The five-year vision of Breakthrough Schools is to "further Greater Cleveland’s transformation by providing distinctive school options for no fewer than 6,000 children in 19 schools. Our work, in partnership with CMSD and others, will help the city reach a tipping point towards providing a high-quality education for all."

This Is Working

Combining shared principles with unique educational models, Breakthrough is able to deliver a portfolio of unique, effective educational options to the Cleveland community. This nationally innovative approach is working.

As the latest round of results from the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) shows, Breakthrough Schools collectively outperformed the eight largest school districts in the State by Performance Index (Published by ODE, September 2016).



Breakthrough Values

We work hard every day to support quality education in Cleveland.

As we strive for excellence…


We do what’s best for kids.

We help each other grow.

We embrace our diversity.

We tell the truth.

We stand together.

Latest News & Updates

Vote For Issue 108

Support Issue 108 and High Quality Education in Cleveland

By Breakthrough Schools | October 2, 2016

As recently reported on, we wanted to share about Issue 108 and why it’s important not only for Breakthrough Schools, but for quality public education in Cleveland. CLEVELAND.COM Here’s why it’s in every Cleveland citizen’s interest to vote “Yes” on Issue 108 to renew the Cleveland school-reform levy: *School reforms are working. Just a few years into…


Breakthrough Schools, Menlo Park Academy land $10M in state grants for West Side expansion

By Breakthrough Schools | August 22, 2016

Originally printed in on August 19, 2016 CLEVELAND, Ohio – Menlo Park Academy and theBreakthrough charter schools will receive the largest grants from the state from a new $25 million fund to help charters rehabilitate or build schools. Menlo Park’s gifted program, now located in the West Park neighborhood of Cleveland, will receive $4.6 million for…

Breakthrough Schools students visit PBS Newshour

Students visit PBS NewsHour with Judy Woodruff at NPR’s Ideastream!

By Breakthrough Schools | July 20, 2016

Two students from Breakthrough Schools visited PBS NewsHour with Judy Woodruff at NPR’s Ideastream – thanks to NPR, Ideastream, NewsHour, and Judy for taking the time! What a great experience for our students.

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